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Milts Gourmet BBQ Pellets, A Secret Ingredient, Adding A Distinct Flavor To Any Grill provides details to Milt's Gourmet BBQ Pellets as the first unique outdoor cooking amendment since the wood pellet smoking grill.

Friends and families love gathering outdoors, chatting and laughing together over sumptuous food. Such get-togethers serve as a way to escape from the daily demands of life and work. When it comes to having the ultimate enjoyment in meals that are barbecued, grilled or smoked, personal preference plays a key role - and so do the smoking wood pellets. Pellets can be used as the main fuel that can be fed into the fire in a controlled manner, while imparting the true wood flavor into the meal.

Milt's Gourmet BBQ Pellets are the increasingly popular choice when it comes to grilling pellets and barbecue pellets. According to, the BBQ pellets are formulated for charcoal and gas grills and smokers.

Milt's Gourmet BBQ Pellets are made from 100% pure fruitwood and blended with 100% pure fruit pomace to produce a distinctively rich and smoky flavor available nowhere else. The product is made without the lubricants or wood oils used by other barbecue pellet manufacturers.

"The beauty of our product is its flexibility," explained business owners Milt Geffen and Charlie Card. "You don't have to own an expensive smoker to use our product, just follow our instructions and you can have the best flavors in the world for fish, lamb, poultry or meat from a simple charcoal or gas grill. The secret is in cooking everything slow so the wonderful flavors of our smoking wood pellets can be fully absorbed." currently offers its premier BBQ pellets in 5 flavors, namely Beer Hop Blend which are great for steaks and pork; Super Apple with 100% apple wood and apple pomace; Rosemary Apricot with 100% apricot wood blended with rosemary needles and garlic; and two Washington Wine series blends in Cabernet and Syrah - pure wine grapevine blended with the appropriate fermented wine grapes. More flavors to enthrall grilled food lovers are on the way.

For more information and the full product line of Milt's Gourmet BBQ Pellets please visit to learn more.

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