Military Pay Calculator App Developer Celebrates 5th Year, Announces New Apps

MilitaryLounge, developer of MilPay, a military pay calculator app, celebrates the milestone announcing multiple new apps in development. After listening to customer feedback the company has come up with new apps designed to fulfill user demands.

Military pay calculator app developer, MilitaryLounge, is celebrating its 5th year in operation. The creator of MilPay, iPhone and Android apps for military persons is happy to have passed this milestone. Adding to the celebration is the announcing of two new apps soon to be released.

"The new apps are being designed in response to user feedback, plus timely updates as the versatile company adapts to changing user needs", says David Burgess, media spokesman of Military Lounge.

Without revealing any details the company indicated that they have listened to user feedback and are working on two new Apps that will be of great help to military families.

Over the years MilPay has become a 'Top 100' iPhone App seller (Finance Category). The app is popular among soldiers as it helps them easily calculate variable military pay rates. MilPay2013, with the new Military Pay charts for 2013 is due out in mid-December.

MilPay has been featured in Military Times as a 'need to have' App and also a Rated Top 25 Finance App in other sites. But it's not the companies only popular app. PerDiemCalc has been a long-time best seller and favorite and C-17 Duty Day Calc has a huge following among C-17 Air Force aircrew members.

This year the company released KC-135 Duty Day Calc, and C-5 Duty Day Calc. With a few quick button pushes, the KC-135 DutyDay Calculator will show all duty day limitations, plus many other options.

Celebrating its 5th year of operations and release of 9 products, the company founders are very proud to have built such a strong fan base of military soldiers and are equally excited to roll out new products in 2013.

MilitaryLounge is excited to be part of the military community, helping soldiers keep up with the never ending demands of serving their country. The strength of the company is serving the needs of soldiers and military families.

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