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Get the latest Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet for only $899 and get surface pro accessories at discount price from Microsoft store with free shipping by using promo code for Microsoft surface pro.

Microsoft unveiled Surface RT on October 26, 2012. The first tablet to have its hardware manufactured by Microsoft, Surface, created quite a furor with its stylish keypad-cum-covers, kickstand and dual cams. Out in three variants of 32 and 64 GB, with and without Touch covers, Surface RT went off back order as fast as it had arrived. A signal to spiraling sales, Surface RT, competitively priced against competitor Apple's IPad - beginning only $499 - got an impressive crunch off the market pie! Up next, stay tuned for news on Surface Pro promo code as Microsoft gears up for a second Surface.

Come January 2013, Microsoft is expected to unleash a fuller version of Surface - Surface Pro. So here's a straight comparative analysis of the two Microsoft tablets. Surface RT ran Windows RT and hence was powered by an ARM processor. It worked exclusively with apps from Windows Store. Surface with Windows 8 Pro, powered by a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor, will run existing Windows 7 desktop applications, as well. So, if you are an apps-freak, then waiting for a Microsoft Surface Pro promotional code might be a wise decision.

Surface with Windows RT did not operate a full version of Windows 8. Surface Pro will run the full Office - Outlook, Word, SharePoint Designer, PowerPoint and all of the applications that you've used on earlier Windows versions. Thus, for a more complete Office experience, Surface Pro promo code is a must. However, Surface with Windows RT also came pre-loaded with a preview of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT, comprising latest versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, something that's absent from Surface Pro.

On the security front, Microsoft Surface Pro coupon code brings much more than Surface RT. While Surface RT features device encryption and Windows Defender, Microsoft Surface Pro promotion code brings advanced corporate data security with BitLocker drive encryption. Its Remote Desktop Connectivity feature helps you to work from your office computer, even if you're physically absent at your workstation. Other features like Active Directory and Client Hyper-V also appear only in Surface Pro.

As far as appearance goes, Surface Pro is a tad thicker than Surface RT and weighs about half pound more than RT as well. The marginal addition to bulk is well compensated by a fatter storage capacity. Where Surface RT comes in versions of 32 and 64 GB, Surface Pro will be released in 64 GB and 128 GB capacities. Also, while both sport the same screen size, Surface Pro, with a 1920x1080 resolution, will provide finer display. A stronger battery and a USB 3.0 port also add to the brighter side of Pro. To enjoy these benefits cheaper, look out for Microsoft Surface Pro promo code.

With considerable enhancements over Surface RT, Microsoft Surface Pro is available for only $899. So be sure not to miss the Microsoft Surface Pro promo code for a smart deal on a tablet, a revolution!

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