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Microscope Systems Provides 10% Off On All Models Of Motic Microscopes

6th May,2014:Microscope Systems,a well known retailer of technical equipment based in Glasgow has come up with 10% discount on all models of Motic microscopes.The company's main aim is to provide professionals with reasonable high quality microscopes

The AE30 version of Motic professional microscopes which the company is offering, is suitable for upscale research functions like florescence and externally mounted and centrable 6v 30W halogen Koehler illumination. Apart from constant illumination, this microscope comes with ELWD 0.30 N.A condenser with a working distance of 72 mm for large sample and carriers. It can be adjusted and centred to provide sufficient illumination for each sample. This condenser also comes with a slider top equipped standard centrable PH 1 and PH 3 Phase slider.

Motic AE 30 also comes with colour Corrected Infinity Optical System[ CCIS] with the help of which users can power system expansions in order to produce along with CCIS® Plan Achromat inverted objectives, concise, flat and high contrast images. The images can be seen for hours together without straining the eyes, due to 45°observation angle. The viewing height of this product is 380 mm, which is the ideal height for all microscopes used in laboratories. The inverted 'Y' designed stand provides the required stability to handle attachment of accessories like Epi-fluorescence.

The Motic SL-41/47 stereo microscopes come with a standard magnification of 20 X , provides a wide field of view, 1 W LED illumination and long working distance. They are most suitable for viewing large or irregular objects. It is supported by a base stand and three supporting beams for ensuring stability and balance. The quick release locking mechanism helps users to tilt and lock the system to have a closer look at a particular object.

Apart from stereo and professional microscopes, the company also offers products like research, digital and laboratory microscopes and cameras as well. To provide customers with quality products, Microscope Systems sources all technical equipments from well known manufacturers like Olympus Keymed, CooILED, Meiji Techno and Motic.

For more details on the products offered by the company, visit http://www.microscopesales.co.uk/

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