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"Michael Wildes is a senior partner with a distinguished law firm of America, Wildes and Weinberg and is known for his role as an immigration lawyer."

During his long years of career, Michael Wildes spoke in front of court for various cases and provided clients with desired results. He also assisted people by advising them on legal rights and obligations in their immigration matters.

In terms of celebrity clients, Tim Rogers and María Gabriela Isler, are two of his major international clients he has successfully handled and represented. Hair care experts and celebrity hair stylist, Time Rogers was helped by him in obtaining permanent citizenship of the United States of America. Mr. Wildes and his team of expert lawyers helped him solve the obstacles faced in his procedure of getting (EB-1) green card.

According to U.S immigration rules, EB-1visa is meant for foreign nationals who have reached on the top in their fields. Time Rogers is known for his extra ordinary abilities as a hair stylist. He styled many high-profile people including Mary-Kate, Kristen Wiig, Yoko Ono, Rosario Dawson, Nicole Scherzinger, Blake Lively, Lauren Santo Domingo, and many others.

Through their strong court representations, Michael Wildes ESQ cleared the complications by presenting the positive aspects of the case based upon which the Government of the United States accepted Mr. Rogers as an "Alien of Extraordinary Ability" and permitted him to live in the country on permanent basis.

In another case, Michael secured work visa for Miss Universe 2013, María Gabriela Isler. As a part of her work, she has to travel and work in the America. Mr. Wildes helped her by clearing all the obstacles she faced in obtaining O-1 work visa. This visa is meant for non-immigrants who have extraordinary achievements in their own fields and need to live in the nation temporarily.

Michael Wildes conducts immigration related lawsuits for both, domestic and international, clients. He works for individuals, corporations, non-profit institutions, universities and cultural institutions, multinational financial companies etc. in variety of cases related to business immigration, investor visa, green card, work visa, naturalization, family immigration, asylum, waiver, and more.

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