Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls Series Gets More Physical Undefined

As the Miami Heat take a 2-1 lead against the Chicago Bulls the series gets a lot more physical.

The Chicago Bulls surprised the Miami Heat and the rest of the NBA world as they won Game 1 of the series against the Heat. Then they got punched in the next game, when they fell by a statement-margin of 37 points. Game 3 was held in Chicago and Miami once again marched past their opponents by double digits to take a 2-1 lead and also balance the home court advantage.

Through the season, the meetings of the two teams got really physical and some times, ugly. The Bulls were able to steal two wins during the regular season and also fall two times to the defending Champions.
The toughness and the battles on the court continue during the Playoffs for both teams. Chicago is playing without their superstar point guard Derrick Rose. Despite the rumors and talks about his return in this second round of the Playoffs, the three-time All-Star guard remains sidelined and is doubtful to return to action. Also, his fellow All-Star, forward Luol Deng is out of action with an injury and is doubtful to return for Game 4. Kirk Hinrich is out, too, with a calf injury and remains day-to-day, with not many chances for his return for the next game.

With all those injuries, the Bulls were forced to fight their way towards a win. Even during the season meetings with the Heat, they played really hard on defense, keeping the intensity at really high levels. They implemented the same strategy for the Playoffs.

It's noticeable that Game 2 ended with the two teams receiving a total of nine technical fouls. The Bulls also got two ejections in Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah. Gibson was also fined $25,000 from the league officials because of a bad behavior towards an official. He later admitted his overreaction and said he deserved the fine.

The physicality and the chest-to-chest battle continued in Game 3. Once again, there were numerous times when the players got tangled to each other, pushed away their opponents and almost started a fight. Thanks to the mediation of the officials and also the more composed ones an escalation was prevented.

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