Mexico Bariatric Services Announces Launch of Its New Weight Loss Surgery Website

With the launch of a new weight loss surgery website, Mexico Bariatric Services has provided access to comprehensive information about various bariatric surgeries and procedures available in Mexico for cut-rate prices.

Weight-loss surgery facilitator Mexico Bariatric Services has announced the launch of its new website, aimed at educating the obese on the various surgical weight-loss options and their availability and prices in some of Mexico's top hospitals.

The website carries the latest information on obesity, its associated co-morbidities, surgical treatments, and other ways to attain a healthy lifestyle.

The company offers low-cost gastric sleeve, lap band, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, gastric plication, and revision wls, and also provides assistance with lodging, travel and anything else that you might want to know before deciding to travel across the border for your weight-loss surgery.

The Internet has become a convenient way for extracting information or conducting research on the various medical treatments available abroad, but people are usually faced with the dilemma of differentiating between authentic and fake information.

Mexico Bariatric Services says it understands such concerns and other apprehensions associated with traveling to a foreign land for medical treatments. According to a spokesperson for the company, "It is important for an individual to know about all the available options, as well as the pros and cons of traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery, so he is able to make an informed decision."

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing choice and traveling to Cancun or Tijuana for lap-band revision or gastric sleeve surgery may be a difficult decision. The company believes that people should not go there thinking we'll find out what it is when we get there. With a personal case manager assigned to each client, Mexico Bariatric Services strives to keep them in the knowledge of the latest and provide answers to any questions they might have.

Parent company Medical Tourism Corporation has served thousands of patients in the past few years and keeping in mind the growing demand for bariatric treatments they decided to launch this unit exclusively dedicated to obesity and weight-loss surgery.

By introducing this new website, the company seeks to provide a more convenient medium through which obese individuals get to interact with bariatric hospitals and surgeons who could help relieve them from health conditions that affect the quality of their life and their longevity.

Besides using the medical and travel information shared on the website, patients can listen to/read about the experiences shared by previous clients and also learn about new schemes and discounted packages.

Prospective clients for a self-funded bariatric operation in Mexico will be required to send their health-related documents to the clinic so that the surgeons can assess their medical condition prior to confirming their candidacy for any of the bariatric procedures.

If considered fit for the surgery one can schedule an appointment on a time convenient to them. While seeking bariatric procedures abroad, other than the standard of treatment and care, patients are concerned about the kind of savings that they can make. "The savings are significant, and often the top reason for Americans and Canadians to travel to Mexico," said the company spokesperson.

Low-prices might trigger quality concerns, but with all the available information, hospital's pictures, and previous patients' stories, the patients seem to have no reason to fret over the quality of treatment offered by the network hospitals of Mexico Bariatric Surgery.

The company works with some of the top healthcare centers to provide obesity-curbing procedures in the Mexican cities of Tijuana, Cancun, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Ciudad Juarez, and Mexicali.

Being just across the border, Tijuana is also the most popular destination among American weight-loss surgery seekers. Many people prefer to fly to the airport in San Diego, from where they are taken to the hospital/hotel by the pick-up service arranged by the company.

This facility is well-equipped with advanced technology, latest medical instruments, and modern laboratories. Most of the clinic's employees are comfortable in conversing in English and patients need not be concerned about language being a communication barrier. This hospital in Tijuana has received an official medical tourism certificate from the state of Baja California, and MBS network hospitals in other places have similar local and international accreditations too.

People seeking respite from physical and emotional agony due to their corpulence can hope to avail treatment at the hands of highly skilled and experienced doctors in Mexico.

The obese can expect to proceed towards making a decision that will provide hopes of a healthier and better future. Potential clients for weight loss surgery in Mexico can obtain a free quote by submitting the estimate-request form on Mexico Bariatric Surgery's new website.


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