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Mevvy Launches API with Access to Over 2,000,000 Mobile Apps

The tech startup has built a unified mobile app API - the only one of its kind - that collects, tracks and updates every mobile app available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

It is no secret; apps are the future. The numbers speak for themselves: There are more than 2 million mobile apps growing by 1000 a day, 56% of the world's population owns a smartphone and 80% of time on mobile is spent within apps.

"The rapid growth of mobile has made it almost impossible to keep track of apps", says Melanie Haselmayr, CEO of app discovery startup Mevvy, "which is why we've created an API that provides one central access point to the data of all mobile apps." It utilizes a merged protocol and cross-platform terminology, thus making it easy and quick to retrieve and utilize data of any app.

The Mevvy API can be adopted for a multitude of uses - to create app directories, display apps in search engine results and add app-widgets on websites; it serves as a tool for brand protection and market research through its capacity to track versioning of apps. It equally creates an interesting advertising opportunity for the industry.

As of April 1, 2014 the API manages 2,129,249 mobile apps in English with the option to accommodate language-specific requests as needed. Demos can be scheduled through the website

Later this year the company will introduce a completely new concept for its app discovery website. Charged by the in-house app API users will be able to browse apps through quality reviews and user feedback. The beta release is planned for next month.

About Mevvy

Mevvy has been a player in the app discovery arena since 2010. In its early beginnings the company focused on manual app curation, added value by publishing hands-on app user-guides and lately started to focus on app data and the power of social recommendations in combination with a smart algorithm.

For more information about Mevvy, the API or app discovery in general please contact CEO Melanie Haselmayr via, on LinkedIn and through the company's website


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