Merlene Math, The Philippines' Own Version Of The Singapore Math Method

In the past years, the Singapore Math method has come to gain popularity in the United States and the world over. Its success has prompted other leading countries to look into its process and incorporate it into their own curriculum.

In terms of its methods, Singapore Math has a predominant focus on essential mathematical skills. It communicates the mechanics of these skills to students through minimal and exceptionally simplified explanations in order for them to easily understand the basic importance of each mathematical principle. These explanations are then illustrated through problem solving with the utilization of bar-models, a method which makes use of line-segments to map out one's thinking process. The individual lessons are then sequenced in such a way that each new lesson will be built effectively from the previous one while ultimately reducing the setbacks of redundancy. The end result of this intricate and precise combination is a more rapid and thorough mastery of the subject, forming highly competitive students who prove their skill with their ability to top the ranks of international surveys and tests everywhere.

The success of the Singapore Math program was so remarkable that other countries have already begun taking it into their own prospectus. Even the United States has created their own adaptation with the intent of importing the methodology into their classrooms while keeping it aligned with common core state standards. In the Philippines, it has just been made available to everyone through MSA's new brand, Merlene Math, which is entitled after MSA's namesake herself, Merle S. Alferez. MSA is the country's premiere tutorial centre and their passion for Math extends all the way back to their humble roots in 1988. They currently pride themselves in being an industry leader aiming to set an exemplary standard in providing quality after school tutorial; and Merlene Math is a valiant progression of their legacy.

Merlene Math is MSA's new program made to provide the country's students with accessibility to world class mathematical learning. It is built on MSA's grasp of the local learner's psyche, consolidating the fundamental principles of Singapore Math and the benefits of mastery as well. It's all brought together in a package that caters to both the students' needs and also their parents concerns. Priced at Php 1,500 monthly with two sessions of 30-45 minutes each per week, summing up to 8 sessions of about 360 hours for the entire month, a student gets an optimum coverage of the skill sets while parents don't have to worry about burning through their pockets as well. It's made even more accessible with the availability of the program in all MSA branches in the country.

Everyone deserves good education. Merlene Math was created in line with that belief. With its very solid grasp on its method, each enrolee will not only be able to appreciate Math more, but will definitely be able to tackle it with confidence in any given situation.



Gerard Alferez
Merlene Math
Managing Director of the MSA Academic Advancement Institute

315 Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights
925-7544 • 929-9145 • 929-9159

Makati City:
101 Esteban corner Dela Rosa
Legaspi Village
815-1307 • 893-3326

Cebu City:
Rivergate Complex
49-A Maxilom Avenue
(032) 255-2191 • (032) 255-2193

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