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Menswear Meets Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds

Menswear Enters a New Era: "Made Of Stone" Officially Launches Men's Shirts adorned with Precious Stones.

"Are those rubies on your shirt?" That is the question the MADE OF STONE clientele keep getting asked. Today, MADE OF STONE, LLC launches the world's first bespoke company to exclusively conceive, design, and construct gentlemen's dress shirts embellished with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds now available for purchase online at

Prior to its public launch, Made Of Stone sold shirts directly to private clientele in their own residence across cities including London, Monte Carlo, and Dubai. "We bring back what royalty, aristocracy and affluence represented from the Victorian, Mughal, and Regency eras now with a modern twist- graduated to today's time in a subtle yet effective look" says President Gabriel Peter Chains.

"Clientele feel special when wearing a Made Of Stone shirt, and they love the attention as wearing emeralds or diamonds represent the ultimate realization of status and success" says Vice President Christine Philip. Patrons can now order a made-to-measure custom shirt with the jewel of their choice delivered straight to their door in less than four weeks.

The shirts are priced from $300 to $600 on average, with the 'Caviar' collection extending upwards of $200,000. "It is not just a high quality shirt, it represents prestige and it is an investment- an investment that can be passed down to generations because of our transferrable Jewel shirt fasteners" says Christine Philip. Made Of Stone's patrons include CEO's, CFO's, Investment Professionals, Professional Athletes and Recording Artists to name a few.

"One has to be MADE OF STONE to stand firm in what they believe in and appreciate success"
-CEO, Gabriel Peter Chains

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