Releases Their 2014 List of Social Media Interview Questions

The questions that are most suitable to be asked during Social Media interviews in 2014 is now listed at

Social Media is a constantly evolving industry and demands that both the interviewer as well as the candidate are up to date with the trends, abreast of a wide area of social media topics.

To help Digital Marketing professionals and those who want to step into digital marketing, MeltPress releases a set of interview questions across multiple spectrum of digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, Social Media etc.

The recent addition to this list is the Top 10 Social Media Interview Questions relevant for the current trends in 2014. This list would be suitable for middle to senior level social media positions and can help both the interviewers as well as the candidates.

The broad topic categories of this list of questions constitute social media strategy, social media profiles management, social media monitoring, social media content plan / calendar etc.

An important addition to this Social media interview questions - 2014 list is that the answers or hints are provided to each of these questions. also accepts amends to the list through user suggested questions using the comment section, provided the questions are of relevance and high quality.

This list of Social Media Interview Questions is now live at and will go through the next major review in early 2015.

Disclaimer: The site publishes this list in good faith to help interviewers and candidates that appear for social media interviews. However does not guarantee that these questions will be asked in the interview that you could appear and if asked, the evaluation of answers are subjected to interviewer's discretion.

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