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Melbourne Marketing Agency - Keeping a Sense of Perspective

Melbourne Marketing agency Next Marketing shares they're tips for keeping a sense perspective.

Melbourne Marketing agency Next Marketing shares they're tips for keeping a sense perspective.

Jo Macdermott, Owner and Senior marketing consultant from Next Marketing says "If you want to grow your business and thrive in the future it is essential that your business has a marketing plan."

"Marketing plans are intended to map out what your goals are, the steps you will need to take to achieve them and how you will measure your success. Although it's important to aim high and challenge yourself, it's also important to keep a sense of perspective and make sure you aren't putting too much focus on irrelevant details and too little on what's important." Macdermott says.

Here are some ways she defines her goals:

"Your marketing goals should reflect your overall business goals and they will depend on what stage you are at and where you want your business to go in the future. There are a number of things to remember when setting goals for a marketing plan and these include:

• Be specific. There is no place for vagueness when it comes to goal setting. Make sure you are as specific as possible. If you want to increase sales, set a figure or percentage to aim towards. If you are planning to increase your social media presence, how many followers do you want to attract? The more specific your goals are the easier it will be to know when you have achieved them.

• Ensure your marketing goals are aligned with the rest of your business goals. Is there a natural progression and do your marketing goals support the overall direction you want your business to take? Make sure you don't go off on a tangent with your marketing and forget to tie it in with the rest of your business. Following the rules for the perfect marketing strategy is not going to do you any favours if it clashes with the basic principles of your business.

• Make sure they are realistic. Although it's good to challenge yourself and aim high, setting unrealistic goals can be demotivating and a waste of time and money. Setting reasonable goals and exceeding them is going to be far more inspiring for you and your employees than setting impossible goals and constantly falling short of the mark."

"Once you have defined your goals and worked out a set of objectives make sure you refer to your marketing plan on a regular basis." Says Macdermott. A well written and thought out marketing plan can help you keep a sense of perspective and reminds you what you should be focusing on with your marketing and your business overall.

When you are trying to run a business it is easy to get distracted and having a plan in place can stop you feeling overwhelmed or getting side-tracked from your goals. Having a strong sense of perspective will help ensure you don't spend too much time on the unimportant things and that you are as productive as possible when it comes to your business marketing.
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