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Very often, the best way to get the most out of your holiday is to really delve into the local traditions and cultures of the countries which you are visiting.

Orbital Travel are offering some fantastic 'discovery days' where a range of colourful local characters will introduce you to the traditional ways of life for a Mauritian.

Mauritius has a large Hindu culture and population, and a day spent discovering the colourful and exotic ways of life for someone who worships hinduism is both exciting and rewarding. If the Hindu culture is one that interests you, then spending a day with Vidia will be or you. On this excursion, you will be greeted by Vidia at her house with a traditional drink, followed by a day spent eating Indian flatbread, learning how to fold samosas, followed by a traditional Indian lunch. After lunch, you will be taken on a visit to the Hindu temple, where the different aspects of worship will be explained, after the temple the rest of the afternoon will be spent in Quatre Bornes shopping. This wonderful day out will include a private car and driver for the day and costs just £135 per person.

Whilst in Mauritius the colorful Creole culture is vibrant and enticing. The best way to learn about it is to spend a day with Yvette, who teaches about her Creole heritage. Again greeted at the door with a traditional drink, Yvette will give a talk about her culture and heritage, and demonstrate some Creole folk music the 'sega'. After this a three course Creole lunch will be served, where the recipes are shared with the guests. The day ends with a trip to Eureka House, and a cup of traditional vanilla tea. This experience costs £145.

Mauritius has very close ties with China, and there is a large Sino- Mauritian population. If this is a culture which interests you than a days excursion with Yvette - who is over 70 years old (!) and loves to share her experiences of her heritage will be a great experience. Yvette is very talented and artistic, as well as a home cooked lunch and sharing some of her cooking techniques, she will show you the art of Chinese painting, embroidery, calligraphy and origami.

A day spent with any of these women will be the highlight of the holiday, and you will feel truly welcomed into their homes. Fill up on some incredible lunches, and get a better understanding of the different cultures in Mauritius, experiences like these are priceless.

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