Meditec Launches Culinary Fundamentals Course

Culinary Fundamentals Course is now available online with Meditec - students who wants a career in F&B industry and military spouses who needs portable careers can now start training online.

Austin, Texas - Meditec is now offering a Culinary Fundamentals course as part of its portable career training program for those who wish to build a vibrant career in the food and beverage industry. The course also targets military spouses who need portable skills that they can make money from in the comfort of their new home.

The new Culinary Fundamentals course covers basic food safety and cooking principles that will guide students in creating world-renowned culinary masterpieces. It emphasizes on how temperature control and sanitation affects the quality of food produced in a modern kitchen, how to use knives and paring tools, and how to make simple sauces used as bases for famous dishes.

Students can complement their Culinary Fundamentals course on pastry arts that focuses on the creations of legendary haute baker and chef, Auguste Escoffier. The pastry-making program covers essential modules from The Art of Decorating and Plating Cakes and Desserts to baking French, American and European Classics. The program also focuses on the professional life of Auguste Escoffier whose works have made a significant contribution to the culinary arts. Enrolling in the said courses will also help students develop key traits and competencies as global culinary professionals.

Meditec defines portable career as a career that you can take with you. The company's course offerings give students a chance to be more profitable and remain competitive while building a new portable career whether as an allied healthcare professional, an office administrator or IT professional, and now, as a culinary professional.

Meditec's industry-driven curriculum has been designed by seasoned culinary experts in their respective niches. For further information on the culinary courses, visit

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