Medical Tourism Co. Brings Summer-special Dental Trips to Thailand

Medical Tourism Co. is offering just the perfect reason to head to Asia this summer as they have some special discounts for dental work in Thailand, sure to be a relief to those looking to get rid of their dental troubles without having to break the

Medical Tourism Corporation, an industry leading promoter and facilitator of medical trips to Thailand, announces its latest money-saving offer to dental patients seeking affordable smile restoration solutions abroad. Its package deals on dental trips to Thailand can save Australian, European, Canadian, and American patients thousands of dollars on the same pricey procedures they have trouble affording at home.

The summers are here and it is the perfect time to take a beach holiday and get that perfect tan. And if the beach destination also offers affordable dental work, one would be expected to be all smiles on his return.

Many people are keen on such holidays and the first question they usually ask is, "How much does dental work cost in Thailand?"

"Although savings vary depending on the procedure and home country of the patient, the potential savings are quite significant, and definitely worth making the trip," says a company spokesman. "As is most often the case, patients save thousands of dollars even after they factor in all travel costs of their trips, like flights, hotels, and food."

Foreign patients often save 50 percent or more on dental implants in Thailand. Teeth implants may be the most commonly requested procedure, but they are not the only discounted procedures available in Thai dental clinics. Medical Tourism Co. also offers excellent rates on porcelain veneers, fixed and removable bridges, dentures, teeth whitening, and more. "If you can get the procedure in a clinic in your hometown, you can bet that there's a clinic in Thailand that offers it for cheaper," said the MTC spokesman. "And we're here to help you find that clinic."

Bangkok, Thailand's hustling and bustling capital city, is replete with dental clinics that offer services on par with those in developed countries. These modern facilities are fully equipped with the latest in cutting edge dental technologies and many also boast state-of-the-art amenities, such as in-house laboratories. Clinics with in-house labs offer patients the added bonus of saving time as well as money, as they can fabricate crowns and other prostheses right there on site. Patients don't have to wait for their new teeth to come back from a lab all the way across town.

Medical Tourism Company's network of Thai dentists and oral surgeons is composed of only the country's best. They are experts in their respective fields, and many even have international work experience and education. They understand the quality of care that dental tourists are used to receiving in their home countries, and they strive to offer services that are tantamount to, or better than, that which patients get in their local clinics.

But Bangkok isn't the only place in Thailand to find great dentists. There are also a number of excellent dental clinics in many of the country's other popular resort destinations. For example, patients who want to have a little fun in the sun when they're not in the dentist's chair often get dental implants in Pattaya, a costal city just a couple hours south of Bangkok that has been attracting tourists for decades. Pattaya's beaches abut on the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, and tourists can enjoy a number of fun water sports like parasailing, banana boating, and jet skiing. The city has a wide variety of shopping, dining and nightlife options, as well, and for those who come looking for the famous Thai massage, there will be plenty of choices.

Another popular choice with dental tourists is picturesque Phuket. This little slice of paradise in the south is rather difficult to leave. Its sugar-white beaches and the crystal clear waters of the turquoise Andaman Sea are the stuff of "Wish You Were Here" postcards. There are many high-end dental clinics in Phuket that also offer top-notch dental care and discounted rates.

Medical Tourism Co. has been helping patients from Australia and other developed countries plan dental trips to Thailand for over 5 years now. Interested clients may ask for customized dental packages that include all dentist fees, including medications, prostheses, and follow up visits, in one low price. This offers patients the luxury of not being surprised with "extras" added onto their bill after they arrive.

Complimentary transportation services between the hospital, hotel and the airport are provided and the company can even assist you find cheap airfare and affordable accommodations. Interested parties can contact them via the phone numbers or free estimate form on their website.

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