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Medical Coding: A Difficult But Highly Paid Job for the Certified Medical Coders

Most of the hospitals or offshore medical coding company hire certified medical coders to run a practice successfully.

It is quite true that the job of Certified Medical Coders is really difficult. They need to write numeric codes, which relate to patients' injuries, procedures and surgeries. They also need to use codes while filling up the insurance claims or at the time of routine office activities. Medical coding professional requires understanding things that are related to medical, including its business aspects, for performing their job to the satisfaction of their employers. It is for this reason that most hospitals and clinics tend to hire individuals having a proper certification in medical coding. Presently, candidates can receive certification in coding through AHIMA or AAPC.

Different coding certifications

AAPC is known to offer three different coding certifications of which CPC or 'Certified Professional Coder' is regarded to be the most common one. This particular certification has been customized towards offering physician services and is good for the individual desiring to work in the clinic. CPC-H certification has been designed exclusively for hospital coders. It comprises of plenty of information on the different procedures that are required to be performed in the hospital. The CPC-P certification is the final one, which is payee related, dealing primarily with insurance and fees.

Undergoing the examination

By filling the application and making the fee payment, candidates are eligible to take on the AAPC certification examination and become successful Certified Medical Coders. The application does go over the work and academic history of the candidate. However, a degree is not required for qualifying the application. But, they need to have a minimum of 2 years of working experience, before making the application. Work experience assures that the candidate has the necessary fundamental medical knowledge foundation for performing well in the exam.

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