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MediaAgility Released Updated LingoDiction TOEFL on Android

MediaAgility, a name that has brought a revolution in the field of learning through its apps, has now come up with the new updates of its much talked about app called LingoDiction TOEFL.

Now available at Playstore, LingoDiction TOEFL can be found in an all new manner. With a much better UX, more words and no bugs, the app is all set to help in vocab building.

The App has been designed to prepare you for TOEFL exams touching every aspect of the test . It enhances your reading, writing and speaking abilities with its interesting and engaging features. With a collection of 3,000 most anticipating words for TOEFL, the App informs you about a word right from its Root and Usage to Synonyms, Antonyms and Rhyming.

Its premium features includes Staples, Matchstix and Potpourri. You can save the words of your concern via Staples and find them saved in Matchstix for a quick reference any time. And, you will have Potpourri in it that makes you view all the words that fall under a selected category along with their holistic information.

A correct pronunciation is something one always seeks for, keeping this in mind, an audio play feature has been placed in the App. The feature actually voices your learning. With many of its engaging features like Games and Quizzes it keeps the whole learning process alive for you. And, such engagement with words enhances your retention abilities and keep on tracking your progress in learning.

User participation has always been encouraged by the company that's why they have employed crowdsourcing where a user can share his knowledge. Thus, users can contribute to the App.

Known for rolling out superlative learning apps, the company aims at keeping pace with time and modifying its products according to the demand and convenience of its users. LingoDiction TOEFL is one such examples.

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