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MCL & Associates Initiates Business Mentoring Program

Innovative Initiative to Reach-Out to Small & Medium Sized Businesses

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (March 1, 2014) - MCL & Associates, Inc. (MCL), a leader in Business Transformation and Business Process Improvement (BPR), today announced the opening of their Business Mentoring Program.

The program, aimed at assisting small and medium-sized businesses who need guidance in:

* Program / Project Support & Risk Analysis
* Vendor & Subcontractor Support
* Business & Data Analysis
* Data Normalization & Data Scrubbing
* Business, System & Gap Analysis
* Business Process / Transformation / Time Studies
* Operations Research
* ITIL & IT Governance
* Organizational Change Management
* Knowledge Management by Collaboration

In a statement, Ms. Maxwell-Lefcowitz said:

"MCL believes in the strength of community.

Our community is the world of business, specifically small & medium-size companies who may not be able to afford to hire a business or management consultant guide and assist them in solving their specific, short-term business problem or need."

Mentees should be prepared to devote sufficient time to create a roadmap for your mentoring relationship, as well as investing the time so that there is a solid understanding of the business problems being discussed. They should be prepared to establish goals and objectives towards solving this problem.

Mentees should expect business advice and guidance in small, manageable steps that are specific, measurable, realistic and able to be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time.

Mentees should clearly define their desired outcomes of the relationship. What will success look like?

MCL & Associates, Inc. (MCL) is a veteran-owned small business, specializing in analysis, support and training for Business Transformation, Process Improvement, Six Sigma, Change Management, as well as various ancillary program and project services for government, heath care, and banking.

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