McKenney's, Inc.

McKenney's, Inc. Energy Services Helping Building Owners Drive Efficiency and Sustainability

McKenney's, Inc. Energy Services Helping Building Owners Drive Efficiency and Sustainability

Buildings use about 40% of the total energy consumed in the U.S. each year. This adversely affects the environment and a building's market value while sending operational costs soaring. That's why sustainable, energy-efficient buildings are more attractive and are in demand for buyers as well as tenants.

McKenney's, Inc. works closely with building owners and operators to recommend environmentally responsible strategies that can reduce a building's energy consumption. The integration of our energy-saving recommendations can happen at any stage of a facility's life cycle, allowing you to maximize resources, preserve the environment and protect your bottom line.

McKenney's fosters greener, more efficient building environments via its energy services capabilities, including:

1. Retro-commissioning
2. Equipment replacement evaluations
3. Environmental sustainability support

Retro-commissioning optimizes energy efficiency
McKenney's retro-commissioning analysis, recommendations and integration can restore installed mechanical systems to peak performance.

Equipment replacement evaluations
The McKenney's team of professionals uses its extensive knowledge of mechanical systems to recommend strategic, comprehensive system upgrades.

Environmental sustainability offers long-term value
McKenney's environmental sustainability building support includes:
* LEEDĀ® Certification
* ENERGY STARĀ® Certification
* Strategic partnerships and turnkey solutions

Energy efficiency is the foundation for sustainability in your building. Eco-friendly initiatives can ensure your building promotes a healthy and productive work environment to attract and retain tenants, reduce operating costs and enhance its value.

For more than 60 years, McKenney's has delivered industry-leading innovation, best-in-class service and customized, high-quality commercial solutions to help customers realize measurable energy efficiency and cost savings.

Since 1948, the mission of McKenney's has been to meet or exceed customer expectations on every job we perform. The company offers expertise in HVAC, process piping, plumbing, and building automation and control systems, as well as service and maintenance. The company has its own in-house engineering, fabrication, installation, and commissioning resources to ensure cost-effective delivery of the highest quality solutions.

Services Offered:
* Preconstruction
* Engineering solutions
* New construction
* Tenant and special projects
* Automation and controls
* Commissioning
* Service and maintenance

McKenney's has developed services and expertise to serve their clients at every stage - from design and construction to services and maintenance. Self-performance of all trades, in-house shops and over 60 years of experience ensures top-quality solutions every time you work with McKenney's.

About Us:
McKenney's is the Southeast's most trusted name in facility construction, operation and maintenance. For more than 60 years, our proven approach has ensured high-quality, energy-efficient solutions at every stage of a building's lifecycle.

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McKenney's, Inc.
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McKenney's, Inc.

McKenney's, Inc.
1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard
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