McClure, Salisbury To Donate $250,000 In Treatment To NFL Players In Need

Investor Mark McClure and his business colleague, former NFL QB Sean Salisbury, will be donating $250K annually in physical rehab treatment to retired NFL players in need for their new ARP Wave clinic, set to open in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 24th

After more than 15 years and more than 6,000 patients annually, which includes over 1,000 of the world's top pro athletes, ARP Wave, LLC is licensing its patented technology as part of its national expansion launch. Entrepreneur/investor Mark McClure and former NFL QB Sean Salisbury, are part of that expansion and will be opening their first "Peak Performance Rehabilitation Clinic" in Dallas, TX September 24th. As part of their mission in helping to change the quality of life for people, they will be donating $250,000 in treatment to retired NFL players in need.

Developed by Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder, the two have pioneered a new branch of sports medicine which is called neurological soft tissue rehabilitation, which has come to be known as the ARP Wave System.

In today's medicine all injuries and joint problems are treated where the problem ended, NOT where it is originating from. The ARP Wave System is capable of finding where the problem is originating from, treat the problem at its origin and literally eliminate the need for hip, back, knee, and other joint related surgeries 99% of the time. If a person has chronic pain in their joints or muscles, the System will eliminate this pain beginning in their very first treatment. Without drugs and without surgery, and has a 15 year track record of success to back it up.

"As a former NFL player who was living in pain after numerous surgeries, I saw firsthand the effect this had on not only myself but retired players as well. I had chronic neck, knee and back pain from the numerous hits on the field and the surgeries, to the point I couldn't do a full squat or get out of a chair without my hands. After only four ARP Wave treatments, the pain has been 90% eliminated but more than that, I can do full squats, get out of a chair pain free, sleep pain free, and play basketball again with my kids. I have been one of the lucky ones. I know players taking 1,500 Percocet pills a month just so they can function. Entire bottles at a time, literally, because they have nowhere else to turn to. I have friends that that live in unbearable pain that cannot function without drugs to the point that many cannot hold down a decent job and earn a living due to this. Since ARP Wave currently treats more than 500 NFL players a year and has a track record of eliminating immense pain and joint replacement surgery, Mark and I felt that we had the power to make a difference in these people's lives and that's what we are going to do with this free program. No strings attached," Salisbury stated.

The clinic will be run by certified ARP Wave clinicians and has the ability to handle all types of injury rehabilitation, muscle and joint related issues. The ARP Wave treatment has a 99% track record of success in eliminating pain in the body and more importantly the need for joint replacement surgeries, saving you time, pain, money and a drug free lifestyle. In addition, ARP Wave has the ability to repair and rehab muscle tears and ligament injuries in less than 6 weeks as opposed to 6-12 months, which is a major reason NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL players rely on and trust the ARP Wave System to protect their multi-million careers. Now this incredible treatment is available to the public and more importantly, former NFL players in need.

"Of course we will also never turn away a military veteran in need. Ever," Mark McClure added.

Look for the clinic to open September 24th in greater Dallas, right off the toll road in Addison.


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