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Maximum Results Training Is a Personal Training Facility in Sydney That Specialises in Fat Loss for Females

So now you understand what Maximum Results Training Sydney fat loss and body transformation personal training programs are all about! If you want to feel the benefits of one of our training programs then click here and claim your 14 day trial.

Maximum Results Training (MRT) is a leading fat loss personal training force in the fitness industry. We focus on making fat loss and body transformations fun, efficient and effective while concentrating on maximising your results through our personal training systems. We do this through our unique and innovative approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

At MRT we pride out selves on this mantra "fun, efficient and effective" as for many, fat loss, weight loss or undergoing a complete body transformation is one of the most confusing, frustrating and un-enjoyable experiences you can go through. This is due to a large number of different reasons. However, the main reason for this is that the fat loss methods being used by many people are extremely ineffective, inefficient and just plain boring.

Recently a very well known personal trainer and fitness industry big shot released an article The Fun Police, which brought up some very good and bad views of exercise. Basically the underlying point of the article was to get across that exercise isn't fun and its never going to be. However we are of the opposite belief and with our semi private personal training fat loss systems we deliver more than a highly effective and efficient training program we also make it extremely interactive and enjoyable.

For a majority of people (including fitness professionals) the sound of slugging it out on a X-Trainer, treadmill or spin bike for an hour a day 5 times a week isn't fun. To most people this would be seen as the best or even most efficient way to lose fat. Let us tell you a little secret… It actually is a highly INEFFICENT way to lose fat. We will get in to why this is the case a little later.

Maximum Results Training creator, Dylan Smouha, has the put together some of most effective and efficient training styles for burning fat and building lean muscle to help completely transform your body faster than ever. Surprisingly enough NONE of them involve spending any time on a treadmill, X-trainer or even a spin bike. Instead we use a range of real weight training, high intensity interval and high intensity resistance training, strong man training and functional core training, then we put you into a small group (6:1) of people chasing the same dream as you! To deliver the most effective form of personal training, fat loss and body transformations available out there.

So what makes Maximum Results Training personal training and fat loss systems more efficient than spending hours a week on the hamster wheel (treadmill)? It is all to do with muscle preservation, insulin response to resistance training and the results it has produced over and over again. If you want to see our proven results jump over to our testimonials page to see what people like you have also achieved!
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