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Maula Sai-Sing,Dance,Rejoice with Daler Mehndi

In these Aquarian times when everyone is loaded with information and impacted with profound changes at a lightning speed - every human is seeking peace, some solace, and a 'pause'.

"God is not serious, God is celebration!" - Daler Mehndi

In these Aquarian times when everyone is loaded with information and impacted with profound changes at a lightning speed - every human is seeking peace, some solace, and a 'pause'. There is a huge cacophony of ideas, emotions and that too at a very fast pace. The only way to match pace is to sync your inner self with the Supreme as it is the Supreme that alone has the remote.
The masses and the classes 'Dance Attack Anthem Creator' Daler Mehndi whose roots have always been firmly grounded with the Supreme is truly a pan-genre artist. In January 2012, he has promised his fans to take them on a different journey starting with 'Sufi' and the entire year has passed with him living his promise. He released albums in various genres including Bhangra-pop, Gurbani, Sufi and Rababi, and now after massive prodding by his fans, he is out with his first ever devotional Bhajan album dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. The new album is titled Maula Sai and has been released on DRecords. Radio Mantra 91.9 FM is the official radio partner for Maula Sai.

The brand new album 'Maula Sai' comprises of four tracks and features Gyaarah Vachan, Sai Bhajan and chants. The four tracks in the incredibly rich voice of Mehndi weave the magic of faith and create an aura of intense joy and happiness. The album welcomes you with 'Sai Raam Sai Raam - Sai Celebration' - the highlight of the album where listener simply cannot resist rejoicing with the jubilant beats and rhythm of the track. Then comes 'Gyaarah Vachan' which resounds Sai Baba's eleven promises which consolidate listener's mind with an absolute feeling of love and protection that Baba promised to his devotees. Next is entrancing 'Maula Sai' sung in the glory of Sai Baba, evoking his divine blessings. The celebration which began with the glory of divine culminates with 'Bol Sai Raam Sai Raam chant' inviting the listener to chant along and take a plunge in the blissful ocean of grace. The last track 'Sai Ram - Reggae Mix' creates a euphoric ambience compelling the devotees to sing along and rejoice. Maula Sai is definitely a mesmerizing presentation of Sai Bhajans and a complete masterpiece.

This is the first time Mehndi has rendered a devotional album consisting of Sai Bhajans. Mehndi quotes, "It has been in my heart to release a Sai Album. For me, all Gurus, all masters are a way to reach that supreme power. Love and righteousness is the universal message that every master has taught. Bhakti, faith, and devotion help one to connect with that highest power. The virtues of faith and patience are what Baba also preached! See... different times, different names but a love that is the same yesterday, today and forever calling - Come to me now. My latest release Maula Sai also encapsulates the same faith through four Sai devotional tracks. I have also composed a video featuring me crooning Baba's Gyaarah Vachan."

The video is available on Daler Mehndi Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt9NYZa6Onc
Take a soulful trip to the ecstatic world of Sai Bhajans with Daler Mehndi and let the divine embrace you.

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