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Massive Turnover Growth For U.K Medical Buying Group

U.K medical supplies buying group Medical Supermarket reported massive growth year on year in the first week of January 2013. A different approach to the traditional buying group model, one without membership fees, ties to brands or manufacturers and

Online U.K based Medical Supermarket part of Procure Health Ltd has experienced massive growth in the first few days of 2013. From January 7th -10th the group exceeded in four days the company turnover for the entire period of January 2012. This is a growth of 400% in just 12 months. This has been achieved on the back of saving group members an average of 20% on their procurement spend for medical supplies and related items.

The group has projected growth of £3m for 2013 and is forecasting an additional 1,500 new members, giving this 3rd year company a 2% market share of the U.K medical supplies procurement sector.

Founded in 2010 by medical procurement specialists Nick Coleman and Udhi Silva. The aim was to create an alternative to traditional closed medical buying groups which would normally involve annual membership fees and ties to certain manufacturers and brands. Healthcare providers are often tied to pricing structures of buying groups and may not be receiving the best prices.

Medical Supermarket operates without fees and ties allowing all members access to discounts equally, making the group a strong price negotiating block.

The unprecedented growth of the group is put down to the tenacity of the founders. Who initially put the miles in to go and meet potential clients face to face. "We have backed up our traditional sales and customer support routes to market with a very strong on line brand and platform"

"Part of the uniqueness of our offering is the ability for customers to request the equipment they want even if we do not have it currently listed. We save clients time in critical areas, like sourcing, obtaining quotes and invoicing." - Nick Coleman-Partner

Customers across the U.K are responding to the fresh approach of the Medical Supermarket team who evaluate the spending and purchasing patterns of a healthcare provider before presenting a tailored solution.

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