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Essentially based on and utilizing the Google AdSense model, provides individuals the opportunity to write their personal Top 10 list and make money out of it.

Used by more than 2 million publishers of all sizes worldwide, Google AdSense paves the way for residual income by way of engaging ads alongside online content on websites, mobile sites, and search results. AdSense Revenue Sharing, which the search engine giant launched in 2003, has been utilized by community-based websites for years now. It is no secret however, that webmasters experience difficulty in attracting qualified traffic from search engines, just as bloggers find it hard to write traffic-drawing content in order to earn. is an online platform allowing anyone to create top lists and pages showing celebrities to earn income in real time. Backed by the 100% AdSense Revenue Sharing system, the website lets each member become a best reviewer by simply writing a Top 10 list about an interesting topic and build up their own bank account. Tony Payne from England talks about the income-generating website community: " is going rapidly from being a great idea to a great success. Its creators are quick to react to the need for change, tweaking things when they need it, and also quick to implement member suggestions. I think that Best Reviewer will really go far.

In addition, members who refer a new member to the site with their referral link will have their AdSense ID displayed on every content page that such member submits, 100% of the time, for life. Referring parties will also have link to their site. also presents members with the best tools for making profits online. The website talks about best web hosting, Clickbank Analytics, Clickbank Contextual Ads and Email Marketing. It also provides free tips on how to sell ads or buy them online, while also providing information on knowing the most searched keywords on Google Trends - or Google Keyword Insights.

To find out more about the Google AdSense-based money-earning scheme that simply requires creating the best reviews on a top10 list, please visit for information.

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