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Massage Away Your Pre Natal and Pregnancy Blues Through Dominique's Remedial Massage

Dominique, a professional remedial massage therapist utilizes therapies and methods that are proven to be safe on an expectant mother and child to give the relaxation they deserve.

Domonique, a remedial massage therapist who has completed a diploma in remedial massage in Central Tafe and Diploma in Pregnancy Massage from Pregnancy Massage Australia respectively, offers prenatal and pregnancy massages at the clients' premises. She uses gentle, rhythmic techniques to make the aches and pains to fade away, leaving mothers nurtured and rejuvenated.

Talking to our spokesperson about the safety of massages for pregnant women she said, "Pregnancy massage in Perth can be beneficial for both the baby and mother by reducing soreness, calf cramps, unnecessary pain and enhances the sleep pattern of both the mother and the child greatly. I don't use any techniques that are proven unsafe for both mother and baby. However, in the case of a high risk pregnancy or health conditions like preeclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension; I seek a doctor's clearance before continuing the massage."

At Dominique's Remedial Massage, therapist asks the mothers to lie on a special table designed for massage. She will ask to undress mothers to their comfort level, and after taking the brief history of the medical needs and massage preferences, she will begin the treatment by using various techniques. There may be music or ambient noise to heighten the relaxation benefits of the massage.

Dominique also added, "Pregnancy massage could be just what the doctor or midwife ordered, a way to manage some of the more common pregnancy discomforts and to pamper yourself at the same time. It can help or reduce stress, improve your mood, decrease pain, lower the rate of obstetrical complications, and improve the health of your developing baby. We can also design a massage therapy program that's safe and effective for you and your baby".

Along with pregnancy massage, Dominique also offers relaxation/Swedish massage and deep tissue massage in Perth. She travels to all areas of Perth and offers pregnancy massage, prenatal massage and deep tissue massage using approved techniques at affordable rates.

About Dominique's Remedial Massage

Dominique who has completed diplomas in both remedial massage and pregnancy massage founded Dominique's Remedial Massage to alleviate people's stresses of everyday life. She uses the most advanced massage techniques to minimize aches and pains. For more information, visit


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About Domonique's Remedial Massage

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