Massachusetts Election 2010 Results

The Obama campaign showed how the power of Internet can change an election which now results in the 2010 Massachusetts election being focused on micro blogs on the Internet. Democrats and Republicans now have to go geek in order to capture the voters

Like it or not people are spending most of their time getting news online and with elections being all about the news which means now elections are all about the Internet. The Massachusetts election in 2010 has seen this impact of the internet focus, micro blogs like which allow an independent in-depth review of the candidates really changes election strategies.

Other sites like aren't able to take an unbiased viewpoint on things, but still will give enough details and insight that other impartial sites are able to cover the stories in full and reference back into both. There seems to be new micro blogs coming online, by doing a weekly search in Google for Massachusetts election 2010 always is turning up new interesting reads.

Another thing that the internet has brought about is everyone actually having a voice as the power of the search engines and news feeders mean that anyone who comments on a blog or creates a blog now has an audience. Now some of the people that have articles written about them and have people voicing their opinions on are: Frank Sholley Bielat, McGovern Lamb Herr, Perry Malone Keating, Charlie Baker, Deval Patrick, Jill Stein, Tim Cahill, Campbell DiNuccio, Collins McGonagle Brennan, Curran Underwood, Eugene O'Flaherty, Garrison Owens, John Keenan, Murphy Ness Whitaker, Robert DeLeo, Wasserman Garlick O'Leary, Winslow Fennessy, Creem Rudnick, Cynthia Creem, Fargo Dahlberg, Flaherty DiDomenico Albano, Ross Harkins Smulowitz and Walsh Rush.

While everyone has their interests and reasons some more odd then others its good that the Internet and society has allowed people a true place to voice and get feedback on their opinions. The oddest one that I've come across is from Stephen Noton, who in his own words has requested "a special statewide travel permit" basically what he is asking for is a way that he can get out of paying for tolls and speeding tickets. Now maybe that would be nice way to bring in revenue but chances are it would lead to far more abuse then benefits.

What is clear with the Massachusetts election 2010 is the internet and micro blogs are shaping the way people vote on and voice their opinions. If you are interesting in seeing what the future results of the 2010 Massachusetts election could be just head over to Google and do a search to see what the internet is saying will happen. My guess one day Google itself will be in office.


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