Martial Arts and the Christian

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Press Release: New Christian Martial Art Book

Martial Arts and the Christian

By Douglas M. Laurent

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Mitchell, Nebraska, LaurentBooks is proud to announce the following publication, Martial Arts and the Christian, on Amazon Kindle eBooks.

Martial Arts and the Christian explores the underlying themes of Creationism and Evolutionism found inherent in the arts. From studies in Genesis, MAC establishes a strong Christian apologetic "defense of the faith" position. The book, a sharp study that de-bunks temporal myths in the martial arts as well as provide a Christian map, is an alternative way of seeing the arts in their most basic, pro-Christ state. MAC, citing a definite creationist perspective, allows the arts to have a Christ-centered eternal theme rather than a temporary earth-bound one, which the philosophies of the Orient promote.

The work provides a clear framework for Christians so they may "see through" the prevalent worldly philosophies that the arts are currently tied to. Citing that original God-honoring arts began with the family of Noah and were later inundated with Eastern philosophies at the Tower of Babel, MAC traces this line of reasoning to the present day popular martial arts. MAC also provides Christian strategists with the necessary tools of analysis to help them define their arts and their individual roles in the martial "mission" field for a greater personal effect.
Establishing lost historical lines MAC ties the modern arts to the God of Creation, filling in a much-needed Christian analysis of the arts, and is intended to be a solid reference work, one that will equip the Christian practitioner with sound information for many years to come.

Written in a casual easy to understand style, MAC covers topics such as anthropology, art, history, linguistics, myth, prayer, science, strategy and theology, and will be an invaluable edition to any library where sound Biblical teaching of the arts is concerned.

About the Author: Douglas M. Laurent, M.A., English, is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. As a Bible researcher and as a martial practitioner with over thirty years of experience in various arts, Mr. Laurent found that many Christians who practice martial arts either compromise their faith or do not have an adequate apologetic, "defense of the faith" when it comes to their dealing with the evolutionary-oriented philosophies that the world martial arts are dominated by. As a result of this, Mr. Laurent in Martial Arts and the Christian clearly delineates the Creation-based Christian perspective on the arts and the uncompromising role Christian martial strategists must play in the respective mission field called "martial arts."

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