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Marriage Counseling Bellevue Specialist Embraces Powerful Therapy Techniques to Saving Relationships

Katie Swartz, a certified marriage counselor serving clients in the State of Washington, offers proven techniques to enable couples see beyond the relationship and keep it fixed.

Relationships - which come in any and all forms - are not insusceptible to issues that often endanger them. Marriage may well be one of the most fragile partnerships that require constant commitment and dedication to make it work. Evidently, marriages in the present times face the risk of failure due to various factors. Katie Swartz, a marriage counselor serving Bellevue, Washington couples, helps couples revisit the basics of their marriage - and the essence of nurturing it.

"I have made a commitment to serve as a support and guide for those who are committed to living their lives as fully as possible," Ms. Swartz says. "The central focus of my practice is relationship. Whether we are exploring your relationship with your partner, work, family or spirit, it always brings us home to relationship with self."

Detailed at, Ms. Swartz delivers a compassionate yet straightforward approach to her marriage counseling Bellevue services that focuses on keeping oneself in check. Katie helps individuals break through to a deeper knowing of their authentic nature, past fear and confusion to a fuller way of living.

Satisfied client J. Monroe relates how the Bellevue marriage counselor has cleared his mind and led the way to keeping a happy marriage: "When I first began seeing Katie, I was stuck. I didn't know whether to stay in my marriage or leave. Katie's gentle, clear and compassionate style allowed me to see that first I had to focus on me and clearing up my 'fog'. I followed through and was amazed at the insight and wisdom I had within myself all along. My husband and I ended up in couples counseling. I am so proud to say that now my marriage is the greatest source of joy, love and friendship that I have ever experienced."

At, personal counseling clients can choose to have some sessions over the phone as well as email support sessions.

To find out more about Katie Swartz's marriage counseling services to Bellevue, Washington clients, please visit for information.

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