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Mark Your Modern Beauty with Stemless Wine Glass Charms

Woodsy Wino has taken the lead in non-traditional wine charms and accessories, featuring a wide variety of stemless wine glass charms.

It doesn't matter how traditional anything might be. There is always eventually going to be someone who challenges that tradition and tries to turn it on its head. Such events meet with a wide breadth of success, ranging from the not successful at all to the "I can't believe it was any other way." Up near that end of the success spectrum is the new redesign of wine glasses. While the conventional look of wine glasses is still far and away the most popular and in no danger of ever going away, stemless wine glasses, which started off as a niche idea in a few cutting-edge restaurants, have quickly established themselves as a style that is here to stay.

This presents an interesting problem for the host or hostess who enjoys throwing wine-based gatherings. One of the host's favorite tools is the wine glass charm. Fitting around the stem of the glass, this serves as both an interesting conversation starter, as people compare which style each of them have, and a way for their guests to comfortably put their glass down for a bit while they move about the room, confident that they will be able to recognize their glass immediately upon returning to it. Without the stem, these handmade custom design charms have no place to fit.

Luckily, there are now stemless wine glass charms available, and just in time for Valentine's Day. Made with the same care and fines materials as the traditional charms, these are specially designed to sit on the rim of the glass while not touching the wine nor affecting the experience of drinking. They make the perfect solution for the host with the most who has upgraded their wine glass collection.

Jack Terry thinks the idea for stemless wine glass charms is one of those that seems like it has just always been around.

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