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Mark 17 Aquatic Alert Equipment

The Mark 17 Aquatic Alert Equipment is a new alert system will and can save lives!

The Mark 17 Aquatic Alert Equipment is a wireless electronic system that consists of an armband device that continuously monitors a swimmer's vital signs and sends a RFD signal to a remote monitor to alert the parent or another person that a swimmer is in peril. It also identifies through GPS the swimmer's precise location. It is designed to save a swimmer of any age from hazards such as rip current, and to protect them in pools as well. Cellular radio frequencies are used and incorporated into a smart phone or tablet app that would constantly monitor a swimmer's vital signs through a watch-like wristband device.

Should the swimmer get into trouble, the Mark 17 system would immediately transmit an alarm to the monitoring device and provide the exact location of the distressed swimmer. Should a swimmer's heart rate suddenly spike, or their respiration cease, an RF transmitter in the wristwatch is activated, sending an emergency signal to the monitor. At this time, the monitor will flash bright red, and issue a loud alarm tone. Then the GPS screen will show the exact location of the swimmer in real time and continuously until help can reach them. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mark 17 Aquatic Alert Equipment.

The Patent Pending Mark 17 Aquatic Alert Equipment was invented by Lilian Norman—with support from Anthony Burnett. The inventor is from Chicago, IL and said, "This idea was conceived from a personal tragedy. My son was drowned in an accident in 2008 with adults present—and in full view of a lifeguard who thought he was playing. That is when I thought of this idea."

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