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Mario Brown Becomes 'Ambassador of Change' By Raising Money For Free the Children and The World Change Foundation

Highly successful online marketer, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Mario Brown highlights World Change Foundation charity efforts in his recent "Online Marketing Mastery" Live Event.

Money and success are not always synonymous of happiness and fulfillment. Mario Brown - one of the most in-demand speakers on Online Marketing, Mobile, and Search Engine Optimization solution, with a top-performing online businesses and best-selling Amazon book tucked under his belt - can attest to this truth.

In only 5 years since arriving to the United States, Mario has successfully carved a name for himself in the field of online entrepreneurship and public speaking. After authoring the Amazon best-selling book "The Ultimate SEO Machine", and founding and heading Royal Internet Marketing Inc., and MobileBizBox, Mario does more than just maximize his earning potential; he gives back.

Mario Brown's recently concluded Online Marketing Mastery event held from May 2nd to May 5th, 2013, was more than just a traditional seminar. It also included Mario sharing his personal advocacy "that life is not only about money and success, but also about fulfillment and giving back to the community."

Putting his success into good use, Mario has raised money for children in Sierra Leone in Africa through Free the Children Foundation and The World Change Foundation. Scott Hood, President of the World Change Foundation, gave the "World Peace Coin" as a symbol of gratitude for the donations.

An equally important highlight of the Online Marketing Mastery event showcased Mario Brown's expertise in mastering the new rules of Online Marketing, such as how to create successful webinars, positioning, coaching programs, and Facebook advertising, among others. In it, Mario shared insights from his successful online business and campaigns, to provide actionable take-aways that attendees could easily implement.

The "Online Marketing Mastery" event was graced by keynote speakers Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Chris Farrell, and James Malinchak, among other leaders in the industry. Evidently, networking at the event was off the charts.

To find out more about Mario Brown's commitment to give back as ambassador of change, please visit for information.

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