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Manila - One Of Top 10 Street Food Cities In Asia

Manila is known among the travel community for its distinctive and beguiling cuisines that add an extra spark to your trip to Philippines.

Manila, the capital city of Philippines is celebrated by the travelers all over the world for its spectacular street food, pulsating nightlife and fascinating landscapes. The city boasts an impressive base of restaurants and hotels that make it all the more suitable for the vacationers to have an intriguing holiday here with cheap flights to Manila. Besides it's never ending leisure trails, Manila greets its visitors with a unique and diverse gastronomic treat. The city has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Street-Food Cities in the World. Most vendors are mobile and can be found walking up and down Manila's busy streets, crying out their specialties.

A trip to Manila cannot be complete without trying hands on the popular street food of the state after having a zesty shopping stint at its bustling bylanes and malls. Let's find out what makes Manila a hot favorite among avid food buffs who fly to the town with Manila cheap flights specially to indulge in its peculiar gourmet delights.

Top 7 Street Food in Manila

Tsitsaron - Tsitsaron is a-fried pork rinds, salted and eaten with vinegar and sliced chilies or pickled green papaya locally known as Atsara. This subtle snack is just ideal for a quick bite while getting around in the town exploring the architectural marvels of Manila. So do grab your share of Tsitsaron at one of the popular street eatery, or a chic restaurant of Manila. Quintin Paredes Street, serves authentic Tsitsaron in its traditional form.

Taho - Well, this one treats your sweet tooth with a delectable preparation of fresh soft tofu, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla and sago pearls. Served warm and sweet, it's a signature sweet of the Philippines and available for breakfast by across the state with countless hawkers moving along the streets carrying buckets full of Taho on their shoulders.

Balut - A snack that not all dare to try but extremely popular in the district, Balut is known for its quirky recipe. A crunchy blend of egg and chicken, Balut is made with an embryo cooked inside the egg with fully-formed baby duck, ready to be eaten whole with chili garlic and vinegar. Pateros in Metro Manila is the place to savor Balut in its best form.

Kwek kwek - As the name suggests, Kwek Kwek is made with boiled, marinated and then deep-fried quail eggs that's best eaten with spicy vinegar dipping sauce. It's a much sought after Filipino street food known for its bright orange color. If you wish to relish some original Kwek Kwek bites, head to Recto Avenue in the city.

Silog - Silog or Tocilog is a sweet cured pork served with rice and a fried egg topped with chili sauce or banana ketchup on the side. After Manila cheap flights, head to Banchetto Shopwise in Metro Manila that offers this spicy cuisine in its finest form.

Food stuff like Isaw, Kikiam, Sago't Gulaman and many more let the visitors gorge in some irresistible Manila delights in a cost effective way after their cheap flights to Manila.

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