Male Enhancement Surgery Does Not Have To Be Invasive And Expensive

Penis enlargement does not have to be invasive and expensive with Dr. Victor Loria's penis enlargement PLATINUM procedure. This penis enlargement procedure is minimally invasive and is done privately, which can put apprehensive patients at ease.

A man's self-esteem can be greatly influenced by the size of his penis. A reaction or a mere comment from a sexual partner is all that it takes to make a man feel inferior, even if he is in reality well-endowed. If a man feels that he is below the average size, he equates this with an unsatisfactory sexual performance. The social pressures that come with penis size directly impact his life as it affects his emotional and psychological well-being. But with a lot of natural male enhancement tips and products out there that rarely work, what can you do to enlarge your penis?

Penis Enlargement and Reconstructive Surgery brings you the revolutionary penis enlargement PLATINUM Procedure. PLATINUM stands for Penile Enlargement Using a Long Acting-filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials. This minimally invasive procedure is the latest state-of-the-art technique for penis enhancement in the country today. It was developed by Dr. Victor Loria, a pioneer in the field of penis enlargement and phalloplasty. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery, Dr. Loria is possibly the first physician in the country to perform penis girth enhancement procedure using Long Acting Filler Materials. He will also be the first U.S. physician to perform penis glandular enlargement and penile lengthening using Long Acting Filler Material.

Apprehensive about going under the knife? This will not be a problem for individuals who will be undergoing the PLATINUM penile enlargement and reconstruction procedure. Being a minimally invasive form of surgery, there will be no general anesthesia, no stitches or scars, no traditional surgery using scalpels, no silicone implants or foreign skin implants, no lipo-fat transfer with potential lumps and bumps due to fibrosis, and no suspensory ligament cutting.

Patients will be personally attended to by Dr. Loria, who also currently has the most experience when it comes to this penis enhancement procedure using Long Acting Filler Materials. He specializes in delivering minimally invasive genital procedures for widening or lengthening the penis, correcting its curvature, and glandular enhancement. You will be free from worry and embarrassment as the procedure will be done in a private treatment room.

Aside from penile enhancement and reconstruction, Dr. Loria also offers other cosmetic surgery services such as hair transplant surgery, facial fillers, botox, fractional CO2 laser treatment for facial and body skin rejuvenation, and more.

You can call today for a private consultation at 1-855-NU-PENIS or 1-855-687-3647. You may also visit the website,, to schedule a consultation and find more information on these cutting-edge male enhancement procedures.

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