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Mala Yachts has been the pioneer of yachting domain of the adventure at Dubai. The company has been providing its services to the locals as well as the tourist from all over the world for the last decade.

During this time a strict customer feedback cycle was maintained and following this very process the company has improved itself and its services by far and large. The success and the consequent customer satisfaction can be very well seen from the comments of the tourist who made Mala yachts their first choice and they had the most exhilarating experience that they had never even thought of.
Style is the first and foremost statement of the Mala yachts.

We have maintained this statement of ours by keeping a fleet of most advanced and unique yachts from all around the globe. Most of these yachts are manufactured by top notch yacht manufacturers and hence they are a symbol of style themselves.

A strict quality control and safety assurance criteria is kept by the team of professionals which make sure that all of these vessels are up to the mark and comply with all the regulations. Style and class is the signature aspects of all of the yachts be it the mini yachts or the mega cruises.

Luxury comes hand in hand with style and Mala yachts makes sure to keep this bond even stronger. All of the yachts are equipped with signature interiors by top of the class interior designers. These yachts are equipped with other value added luxury options which include standard TV or LED, refrigerator, air conditioning and heating system and lots of other options.

When hiring a yacht, tourists also get to have the option of selecting in board refreshments and complete meals on request as well. The staff at Mala yachts is rigorously trained in order to be the most hospitable to the guests on board any of the Mala yachts. They are taught to be professional in all aspects while keeping view the privacy of guests.

While subletting the yachts to the tourists we make sure that there is no room for error. All our sailing staff is well trained for all kinds of scenarios. The movement of yachts is tracked at the head office and they are continuously in touch with the vessel out in open sea so that the safety of the guests in board is taken care of at all costs. So, make Mala yachts the choice of yours this vacation and experience the ultimate blend of luxury and style.

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Yacht charter is an extravagant, new fashion for the tourists in Dubai. Mala Yachts can offer you with excellent services to your entire trip.

Yacht Charter Dubai
Mala Yachts - yacht Charter Dubai
Mala Yachts - yacht Charter Dubai
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