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Making Parties More Fun with Stemless Wine Glass Charms

As cocktailing and wine parties have become an important part of the social fabric of American entertaining, people are looking for new ways to breathe fresh life into them. Keep up with latest wine glass designs by having the right accessories.

Everybody wants their party to be the special one that people talk about for weeks after and hope to be invited to in the future. Home entertaining has reached levels not seen in several decades, and as it becomes more popular hosts are looking for ways to separate their party from what everybody else is doing. Part of that process is making sure that they have distinct custom glassware that people may not have seen before. Such glassware, as well as being visually stunning, also serves as an immediate conversation starter, a necessity to any successful party.

The fallout, however, of people switching from traditional glassware to these new, exciting designs is that the newest stalwart of the home wine party scene, wine glass charms that fit around the stem of the glass so people know which glass is theirs (and also serve as another icebreaker), now just sit in the back of a drawer, forgotten, while people mill about with identical glasses full of similarly colored wine. With such uncertainty comes anxiety, as people begin to worry too much about not losing their glass amidst a sea of uniformity and stop enjoying themselves as much as they should.

"I had been to too many parties just like that," Woodsy Wino founder Jennifer Finnell said, "and I just felt the need to do something about that." What she did was challenge her craftspeople to custom design collectible stemless wine glass charms so that people could continue to purchase and use the latest in custom glassware, but still offer their guests the comfort and beauty of handcrafted wine charms. "Now it doesn't matter what kind of glassware your host has. You can set your glass down anywhere while meeting new people and know exactly which glass is yours."

As much as Jack Terry appreciates the beauty of stemless wine glass charms, wine never stays in his glass long enough for him to worry about putting his glass down.

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