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Make Your Fashion Statement; Announces Launch Of New Interactive T-shirts For Girls

Tell 'em what you like and get what you want with this new, interactive t shirt for girls.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States, - i like shirts announces the launch of their online t-shirt store. With the launch of the site, also comes the distribution of their product through a network of retail boutiques and wholesale channels. Catering to girls of all ages, the unique i like design makes wearing this t-shirt fun and interactive.

Each t-shirt has the words "i like" big and bold - front and center near the neckline with colorful swirls cascading down to the bottom then pointing to the backside of the t-shirt. The lower back of each t-shirt then has a word to express what the wearer likes. Such as: candy, txting, movies, etc. "To get what you want you gotta' tell 'em what you like." That's the premise of the i like t-shirt. It's a fun way for girls to communicate what they like and get what they want.

The i like t-shirts come in a variety of colors made from high quality 100% combed cotton and claims to be, "The softest, most comfortable t-shirt you've ever worn." i like shirts uses texting symbols and abbreviations on some of their designs keeping up with the latest way young adults communicate with each other.

The first six t-shirts to be released are:
• movies gray t-shirt
• candy pink t-shirt
• hugs yellow t-shirt
• txting blue t-shirt
• : D white t-shirt
• pirates black t-shirt

There are so many more t-shirts to be added in the coming months. Here are just a few to watch out for: friends, attention, d8ing, u, t2ul, jewelry, sbux, prts, ask, nerds, love, chocol@, fb, tlkn, shopn, noyb, surprises and vampires.

The t-shirts may be worn individually or layered on top of each other to show two things the wearer likes. With the purchase of each t-shirt the buyer will also receive a free i like bookmark. Please visit our website at to see all the colorful styles to choose from or stop by and visit us on Facebook and Twitter - search words "The i like shirts."


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