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MAKE Foundation - Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Stray Dogs

The Community makes a humble attempt towards helping stray dogs live a healthy, safe life. It is committed to spreading awareness about stray dogs so that they don't get misunderstood and in the long run are adopted at decent homes.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 200 million stray dogs across the globe. In India, alone, there are about 25 million dogs that wander across every nook and corner of the country. Most of them die because of starvation, brutal accidents and diseases. Furthermore, many of those who die are little puppies hardly a month old.

Stray dogs like any other dogs are, loving and smart. They, too, deserve an environment that is clean, safe and caring. MAKE Foundation is kick-started by a team of two girls who strongly believe that stray dogs can be as good as any other pets. These loving creatures deserve a good home.

The non-profit organization was started with the sole objective to take care of stray dogs, keep them safe and ensure that they get adopted in the long run. MAKE Foundation stands for Margo, Agnes, Kylie and Edith - four little pups that were born in the area where its founders stay.

The organization was founded after one of these four pups Kylie met with a brutal accident and passed away. This heart wrenching incident, indeed, paved way for this organization.

MAKE Foundation is committed towards spreading awareness about stray dogs including what challenges they face everyday, how they battle odds and much more.

For more details. you can visit - (the official blog of MAKE Foundation). By spreading awareness, the organization hopes to create this world a better place for stray dogs.

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MAKE Foundation
MAKE Foundation
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