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Make $63 000 In 7 Days

Making $63 000 in 7 days with an affiliate program which works on auto-pilot and pays 100% commissions to affiliate members is easy, one such person who did is Elizabeth Savage.

Making $63 000 in 7 days with an affiliate program which works on auto-pilot and pays 100% commissions to affiliate members is easy, one such person who did is Elizabeth Savage.

The affiliate system can be accessed used via a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. The new way money is being made now. 100% Commissions are paid to directly into each person's e-wallet.

The company recently launched the latest mobile money making system, to hit the online internet marketing industry in October 2013. Everyone is rushing to get in on the "New Wave" stated Elizabeth Savage.

One of Elizabeth Savage's colleagues and the founder of Empower Network had this to say:
"Something huge has arrived, and blogging and online marketing will never be the same again. With over a year of development, dozens of some of the smartest people working around the clock, and millions of dollars invested - the new mobile money blog has taken the internet by storm.

New members and serious entrepreneurs from all over the world are lining up to join elizabeth to take advantage of the done for you traffic service to capitalise on this new wave of blogging takeover.

"When you start getting into the setup, maintenance and advance features, WordPress really is abit difficult," said the founders of the company. "It was designed to be super user-friendly. Over time, it's become a bit more difficult. Whether you agree or you don't, we've decided to make blogging easy so anyone could do it, even a grandma who's new to the Internet. This new mobile blog system is everything WordPress was originally meant to be."

This blog system simplifies the audio/video blogging experience by allowing the user to record video or audio with the help of a mobile app. With two simple clicks, anyone can post a podcast or video online from a smartphone or computer, making the blog system essentially "grandma-proof."

Sharing is also easier because the blog system allows users to reblog posts from other people's blog sites, giving the original author credit, while posting the content within their own blogs. A new proprietary commenting feature allows readers to share blogs and their blog comments on social media platforms with links back to the original blog posts.

Users of this blogging systemt can also withhold premium content with a paywall, which restricts access to such content and offers a call to action for viewers to upgrade their accounts in order to view it.

"We wanted to create an atmosphere where no matter where you are and what your idea is, you can put it on your blog when inspiration strikes," the founders said. "That's one of the many ways we are changing the viral blogging industry.

Imagine building and managing a business from your phone other than your laptop."

The blog system can also be used on computers, laptops and ipads etc.

Other features available through the blog system are training on blogging, marketing and leadership, as well as a customer relationship management system that allows a user to access his or her back office, view sales and transactions.

The new mobile blog system price is only $25 per month, the same as the current blogging system. The company also offers an affiliate compensation plan to its active affiliates, and that number has risen dramatically with this new system release.

The company and it's viral blogging system is the lucrative solution to a complicated online marketing world. Over 200,000 people agree. Over $104 million has been paid in commissions to affiliate members over the past 2 years.

This new blog system can be found here, to join Elizabeth Savage and for more info and to watch the free video, check out the amazing website :- affiliate

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