Major Biomass-to-Energy Program Under Way in Europe

A green electricity startup in Europe is planning a major rollout of small biomass power plants, based on a proprietary, emissionless technology. This type of generation saves on fuel transport and allows the technology to compete on cost with coa

A Canadian-Polish company uses a revolutionary PARS technology of clean gasification to build at least 20 small biomass power plants per year within its 10-year investment programme in order to provide a lasting environmental benefit and to become a major renewable energy producer in Europe.

The key PARS technology improves the efficiency of power generation and is clean, robust and inexpensive, resulting in 0.03 euro/kWh electricity from 35 euro/ton feedstock.

The completion of this construction programme will result in a new 400 MWe renewable generating capacity and at least 500 M eu/yr company revenue. Each of planned company- or investor-owned power plants has a financing package arranged with European banks and will be community-based, with heat sold to townships and housing co-ops at a significant discount.

The PARS technology spin-offs will also allow to make cheap biofuels and renewable hydrogen (RH2) for high-efficiency power generation from fuel cells .

This clean gasification technology uses electric syngas scrubbers, processing hot producer gas & reforming organic compounds into syngas. The technology unlocks long-sought potential of gasification.

The company is producing only electricity at present but in the future can make biofuels from biomass/wastes. With tipping fees the production cost may be less than zero, what with the PARS scrubber efficiency over 99%, the elimination of traditional filtration and simple updraft gasifiers made possible by the technology.

Several purchase orders and options for such small CHP biomass power plants have been also secured, conditional upon an upcoming demo plant having been commissioned.

The company is also getting heavily involved in the development of syngas generator sets, with several partnerships in place. Currently Bioleux is quoting clean energy projects in Canada, U.S., Brazil, Southern Europe and East Asia.

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