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Mahtani Group of Companies Chairman Rajan Mahtani Didn't Remove Vice Chairman of BoZ

Recently, (February 15, 2014) there was a news in Zambia Reports that "BOZ Vice Chairman Allegedly Removed at Mahtani's Request." Rajan Mahtani, the chairman of Mahtani Group of Companies, didn't remove Vice Chairman of BOZ. It's a false news.

In the Zambia Reports, the news reads: President of Zambia Michael Sata has fired a senior official at the nation's central bank allegedly at the request of one of his largest donors who has sought greater control over the institution. In this report, the term 'largest donors' indicates Dr. Mahtani. But he did not take any help from the Zambian President to fire the senior official at the central bank of the nation. He was not at all involved in this case. As we all were shocked when we read the headline of Zambia Reports on February 15, Dr. Mahtani was shocked as well.

In the tabloid it was mentioned that the Vice Chairman of BoZ, Dr. Kasuka Mutukwa,was fired from this position because Dr. Mahtani complained about this man to the president of Zambia. And the president being an ally of Mahtani gave importance to his request. But the point that was raised as a complaint was that Dr. Rajan Mahtani wanted BOZ to shut down Access Bank because his opponents, the Ventriglias, held their bank accounts there. When the Vice Chairman of the board opposed the move, Sata had him fired. From this point it becomes very much clear that the news posted in Zambia Reports was false. It's true that his opponents have a joint bank account in Access Bank but they were already restrained from using the account by the Ndola magistrate's court until investigations are complete. So, when he Mahtani knows that his opponents cannot use any money in their joint bank account,

why would he ask Dr. Mutukwa to shut down the bank?

For several months, Mahtani has been engaged in a number of legal disputes with regards to BOZ. He was even falsely accused of claiming K120 million from BOZ. Rajan Mahtani is in fact very much concerned about his reputation in the country. The people who are involved in tarnishing his image nationally as well as internationally are very much aware that Dr. Mahtani is a man of high esteem and holds a great prestige in the nation. So, they are doing all these things purposely just to tarnish his image. Presumably, in this act too(removing Vice Chairman of BOZ), Dickenson Jere is involved.

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