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Magnetic Consulting Group Celebrates Success With Style

Magnetic Consulting Group recently celebrated the successes of various members of the team with a trip to San Francisco and down the American River.

When it comes to celebrating success, Magnetic Consulting Group does it with style. Sales professionals with the company are not only able to obtain significant commissions and bonuses, but are often treated to trips and other prizes based on their successes.

Magnetic Consulting Group is a marketing firm based out of Sacramento, CA. Privately owned, the company was started in 2010 and specializes in bridging the gap between large corporations and the account holders that use their services. They work with these large corporations in client acquisition, account consulting, and customer retention.

This summer Magnetic Consulting Group president Eric Dvorak brought several of his top performers to a Top Leaders weekend in San Francisco. The group took part in a conference with other top performers from throughout the area, but they were not just stuck in meetings for the entire weekend.

The group was put up for the weekend and able to take in the sites of the city. They were also treated to a San Francisco Giants Game and a dinner at Jillian's with other top performers.
But Magnetic Consulting Group also rewards the efforts of the office as a whole. On Labor Day the entire office took off for a trip down the American River, complete with food and refreshments, and enjoyed the last bit of summer together in the outdoors.

Magnetic Consulting Group is unusual given that every manager with the company was originally an entry-level sales professional. The company recruits exclusively from inside the company, meaning that every leader there understands every aspect of the company intimately and candidates have a greater chance of climbing the ladder than they would at other locations.

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