Magic Plumbing Introduces Caroma Sydney Toilets to Help Homeowners Save On Water Use

San Francisco plumbing professionals team introduces the new Caroma Sydney toilet that saves up to 40% water with every flush.

Plumbers play a critical role in ensuring that the home or a business establishment is getting the water it needs, laying the groundwork, design and construction of various types of water systems in collaboration with engineers. Because plumbing is a strenuous job, it needs the right aptitude, mentality and training in the installation and maintenance of such systems., a leading team of San Francisco plumbers, has been in the industry since 1980. Their experience helps ensure that any plumbing and drain problem in a home or business is fixed right the first time, and at the best price possible.

Continuously providing clients with the latest in plumbing products and services, recently received a shipment of Caroma Sydney toilets - the high-efficiency toilet that saves money by using up to 40% less water with every flush.

While the efficient toilet water use from the new Caroma Sydney toilet transcends into lowering the monthly water bill, it also makes users eligible for a toilet rebate. San Francisco single and multi-family residents can get cash rebates of up to $125 per tank style toilet, and up to $300 per flushometer valve toilet when they replace their high-flow toilets of 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf) or more, with HET (high-efficiency toilet ) models that are 1.28 gpf or less.

San Francisco resident Ed Holmes says about "I have used Magic Plumbing as my trusted plumber in San Francisco for small and major jobs. All experiences have had good outcomes: the staff and plumbers were responsible and reliable; relationships with inspectors were excellent; and plumbing techniques followed code. I had major plumbing jobs done and care was taken to be timely, efficient and clean." also serves the San Francisco area with installation of bathroom fixtures that include gravity toilets and power assisted toilets, water closets, vanity sinks, as well as bathtubs and showers, such as shower heads. Installation services for commercial bathrooms that require 17-inch high toilets are also offered by the leading plumbing team in San Francisco.

To learn more about the products and services from Magic Plumbing, visit and get more details about the high-efficiency toilets of Caroma Sydney.

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