Maddy Barber's Life Story Gets Featured on The Straits Times!

The life of an emcee is not as smooth as it sounds. An emcee is an expert in handling the daily job of rendering their voice to radio stations and hosting several functions.

You might find Emcees hosting various events like receptions, product launches, charity events, parties and more. Emcees need to have several skills like promptness, alertness, soothing voice and gimmicks required to handle audience. A successful Singapore Emcee is not only the one who hosts events but is also heard daily on the Singapore Radio Stations.

One of these successful emcees, whose name is on the lips of the people of Singapore is Maddy Barber. Maddy Barber is a renowned Singapore Voice Over Talent who hosts the daily breakfast show on Kiss 92 FM. She is versatile, creative, spontaneous and has the most honeyed voice ever! Recently, Maddy Barber's interview got featured in a popular newspaper named Straits Times. Straits Times has a section named 'Life' wherein the interviews of the most talented people and influential artists gets posted.

One of the lines stated by Maddy Barber in this newspapers said that "I always aspired to be a Radio Dj. I love music a lot." She further added that "After a prolonged experience as a Singapore emcee, there comes a stage where it doesn't matter what you say. What matters is the fun you have and your audience is sure to have that too!"

Maddy Barber has spent 19 years of her life serving the media as well as radio forums. As she has an amazing potential of alluring the audiences through her voice, she has numerous fans throughout Singapore. Maddy is an assertive, honest and full of life! Her routine starts as early as 4am. She hosts the Kiss 92 Fm show from 6 to 10 am and is off to bed by 9pm.

When it comes to finding a perfect Singapore voice over talent, people always tend to choose Maddy Barber. Her striking sense of humour, approach towards life and ways of handling audiences are quite commendable!

Maddy Barber

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