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Lyrical Mastermind Paypa Reemerges With A New Album And Style Unlike Anything Ever Heard Before

Andre "Paypa" Thomas, of Project Mayhem, is set to release his first solo EP in two years.

Andre 'Paypa' Thomas, of the Chicago group Project Mayhem, has recently completed his soon to be released album, which will be unlike anything he has ever released before. This new album entitled "The Session" takes a new, and potentially controversial, perspective. The first single from the album, entitled "Good" was released Friday, March 21,2014. The complete, seven track album is set to be release on Tuesday April 1, 2014.

"The Session" will feature seven never before heard tracks and was produced by fellow Project Mayhem member, Tree. Tree's unorthodox production style forced Paypa to step outside of his comfort zone, which added depth and intrigue to the album. The whole album comes from a darker and more defined place, shedding light on issues that may seem controversial to other artist and listeners. Paypa's goal for this new album was to "go left" of what is current and popular in music right now. Some of the topics hit upon include death, conspiracies, and his thoughts on other rappers here in Chicago. The title of the album, The Session, is a play on words left open to interpretation to the listener.

"This is some of my deepest and most honest work, I tried to focus on the real issues. This is my contribution to the Soul Trap genre." Paypa said when asked on what this album means to him.

Paypa is well known for his entertaining lyrics that often provoke listener with good-humored word play. Unlike his last EP and his work with Project Mayhem, this new album was written in a different style, which is closely tied to his passion for writing. "The Session" was an opportunity to showcase his range of writing ability that expands well past being a lyrical intellect. In addition to releasing this new album, Paypa has been branching out writing screen plays, which he has incorporated in several aspects of the album, including the art work and interludes between songs.

Andre "Paypa" Thomas was born and raised on Chicago's West Side, which is where he gathered many real life experiences that he brings to life through his music. Paypa has been writing and performing since the age of ten. His music is often called mathematical due to his precise execution.

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