Lujure Re-launches As Heyo, Grows Customer Base 15% In 48 Hours

Heyo offers the most advanced platform for businesses to market themselves; combining social, mobile and web.

Heyo, the company formerly known as Lujure, was launched in front of 1,500 awe-struck live viewers at 6:00pm on October 3rd. Heyo offers the most advanced platform for businesses to market themselves; combining social, mobile and web.

"At Heyo, we believe that every small business needs easy to use tools to market themselves online. We're doing this through beautiful products, drag and drop tools, and remarkable customer support", says Nathan Latka, CEO and Co-Founder of Heyo.

"Today, we introduced a fan page builder on steroids, a breakthrough mobile app creator, and a simply remarkable website builder. Small businesses love it" said Latka.

The Next Web, a leading technology blog, reviewed the Heyo platform and said: "By allowing small businesses to cover three bases with one tool, Heyo makes it much less stressful for small businesses to break into online marketing."

Over 1,000 small business owners jumped on the waiting list for Heyo and in the first 48 hours after launch, over 30,000 widgets had been installed.

Many new Heyo users are saying it's the most powerful tool they have used to quickly and easily publish their fan page, mobile app, and website. "The goal", says Latka, "is to give small businesses three times the power with one simple click: Social, mobile, and web."

This kind of platform simply hadn't existed before due to multiple back end complexities. Heyo has done it. Aside from being first to market with this 3 in 1 tool for small businesses, Heyo has turned the industry upside down in regards to pricing and accessibility.

Heyo, through its new pricing model, will allow small businesses to scale their social media marketing costs as they grow. Now, for as little as $2, you can launch a fan page, mobile app, or website for your business. This combination of revolutionary pricing, a 3 in 1 marketing product, and remarkable customer support has put Heyo at the front of the pack when it comes to incredible small business marketing tools.

The New Web echoed these sentiments by naming Heyo, along with the fast growing company Hubspot and revolutionary payments platform Square, a "Top Tech Trend in Small Business."

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