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Low Humidity Dry Storage Cabinets Introduced in India

Dry Storage Cabinets (ESD safe) Series introduced in India by INDE Enterprises. These Dry Storage Cabinets have LED Display to show temperature and humidity sensors.

SMD and VLSI components are very sensitive to moisture and they may malfunction or complete fail to work once exposed to moisture over certain limits. As miniaturization of SMD Components continue unabated, the need to store these highly vulnerable components in a clean and dry place is the order of the day.

SMD components and sensitive Integrated Circuits need higher level of moisture control, as otherwise they will have internal damage during the reflow process because of moisture expansion. One of the major reason for the failure of Integrated Circuit (IC) or SMD component is that, rapid heating of the moisture absorbed within the plastic encapsulant. To prevent this from happening is to store such ICs in ESD Safe and Ultra Low Humidity Storage Cabinets.

The leading selling supplier and distributor of Electronic Cabinets in India is INDE Enterprises. They have introduced a comprehensive line of ESD & Ultra Low Humidity Dry Storage Cabinets. These cabinets are both economical and Value for Money. Dry Cabinets of INDE can be kept in any Manufacturing Plant, Research Lab, Service Center or for General SMD Storage.

Dry Humidity Cabinets are available in the following models:

Nitrogen Port Dry Storage Cabinets for Electronics, ESD Safe (Need external Nitrogen)
- INFC Series 1% ~ 60% RH Range with 60Lt ~ 1428Lt Volume

Automatic Low Humidity Dry Storage Cabinets for Electronics (Need Electric Supply only)
- INDG Series 1% ~ 60% RH Range with 160Lt ~ 1428Lt Volume

Some of the features that these cabinets have are:
- LED display for temperature and humidity
- Humidity sensor with relative humidity deviation of ±3%RH

These Electronic Dry Cabinets and Nitrogen Dry Cabinets are now available in India and can be availed from INDE Enterprises:

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745, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh, 160009, India
Mobile: +91-9316134502
Phone: 0172-6535745

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