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Low Cost High Quality Stepper Motors with Integrated Drivers

Motion Marketplace launches Integrated stepper motor and driver packages with a cost savings up to 50% off.

Motion Marketplace a California based industrial motion Control Company, has released an extensive line of integrated stepper motor and drives packages. The Integrated Stepper Motor is an economical motion control system, because of its built-in micro step driver and controller electronics integrated into the stepper motor assembly The MD series was designed to offer a cost savings without compromising the quality of the product. This unique combination offered saves customers time, money Installation errors.

Stepper motors with integrated drivers are ideal for precise precision and range in Size from a Nema 17, 23 and 34, with torque ratings from 31 to 1,700 ounce inches. Nema 23 and 34 come in single and or dual shaft options up to four stack lengths. Stepper motor drive packages, offering a wide range of power outputs and features, make it straightforward to specify the best drive-to-motor combination for all motion control applications. These stepper driver packages are secure at idleness and hold position without any inconsistency, notably with dynamic loads. The series is offered at a 1.8 degree step angle can also come with an indexer/controller upon request. Special stepper motor windings and shaft modifications are available; as well as encoder adders for remote monitoring of position.

Stepper motors have become an essential component to applications in many different industries and Motion Marketplace is among the small number of U.S. based industrial motion control companies to design, manufacture the integrated packages. They maintain outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through self-help and assisted-help resources such as the learn section on the website, detailed specification sheets and a brilliant engineering team ready to assist with the selection process for their customers applications. Motion Marketplace often surpasses the customer's expectations for fulfilling specific stepper motor and driver requirements, as well as all other motion control needs.

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