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Low Cost Chicago Illinois Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Offers Free Consulation & 24 Hour Filing

Chicago's Top Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer & Illinois Foreclosure Attorney Offers Free Consultation On Chapter 7 & 13 Cases For Consumers Who Visit His Site At

24 hour filings for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases in Illinois?

That's what attorney Tom Makedonski has been doing for 12 years and offers low cost legal fees for Illinois personal bankruptcy filings.

"I knew I always wanted to be a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer", Tom states. "But when I opened up my practice in 2002, I was primarily situated in Chicago and Cook County. But thinking of those long drives back and forth from law school made me realize there is a whole world out there that needs my help in a fresh start from creditors, judgements, foreclosures'.

Makedonski saw that clients would drive up to two hours to see him from all Northern & western Illinois suburbs because of his high level of transparency, ethic, and no gimmicky "flexible payment plans" which would sometimes delay Chapter 7 filings for a year.

"I file within 24 hours", adds Makedonski. "I keep my prices affordable so there is no need for long and stretched out payment plans".

Makedonski adds that with the costs of filing fees going up to $335, it only makes sense that he keep his costs the same as he did 12 years ago.

"$699.00 for my legal fees has been unchanged since 2002. I have filed 1000's of cases with a 100% success rate", states Makedonski.

Attorney Makedonski likens his "concierge" 24 hour case filing to other service providers in other industries which gives his clients the highest level of service and attention to getting rid of pestering creditors, wage garnishment, and foreclosure filings.

A free case evaluation can be made by visiting his web site at http;// Same day appointments are also available by calling 312-953-0103

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