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Low Cost Brushless Motors Designed for High Volume OEM Applications

Motion Marketplace distributes high quality low cost Brushless DC Motor product lines, which range in sizes from Nema 11 to Nema to Nema 42. Hundreds of different standard brushless motors in stock and ready to ship, custom applications are welcome!

Motion Marketplace has just introduced their new line of Brushless DC Motors. Brushless motors are a cost effective replacement for brush motors. Sizes range from Nema 11 to Nema 42, and torque ratings are avail from 1-2,500 oz-in. Brushless Motors are also offered in a IP65 rating that meet the splash proof requirements for most applications with humid or damp environments. These lines of brushless dc motors come in compact packages with high power density. Styles are available is round, square-flange, and square faced. Custom solutions are available for brushless motors and controllers. Some customizations that can be made are for maximum speed, winding current shaft options, along with cables and connectors.

Some great benefits of using brushless motors and controls are the dependable performance and power from each run with minimal or no maintenance required. Brushless dc motors have a long lifespan due to not having any brushes to replace, and are also known for their high efficiency rating. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient where as brushed dc motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost to heat.

Motion Marketplace is known for distributing products with ultimate quality warranted, low cost, and immediate customer care with technical engineers that are available upon request. Whether the customer is buying a replacement or the product is for an OEM application, their principle is the same, to distribute product of high quality at a low cost that would even make sense for a mom and pop shop. Motion Marketplace offers a multitude of different suppliers and product lines that can be shopped easily and extensively through our site. Motion Marketplace is run by a top-notch delivery team, trained to deliver your products expeditiously and properly. Constantly growing and adding on new product lines, be sure to check back to see what Motion Marketplace has to offer as your source for everything motion control!

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