Love, Dating and Relationships Global Teleconference

Get ready to have your ears loaded with tons of juicy tips on how to improve your relationships, your dating experience and your love life.

A global extravaganza of relationship advice will begin, and you might regret not getting registered early, before all the "tele-seats" are taken! The Love, Dating and Relationships Global Teleconference phenomenon is about to unfold.

On November 18-22, 2013.

No other event in the history of love, dating and relationships has ever been so talked about or sought-after. No other event has been able to put together such a stellar collection of experts who will be interviewed by none other than Lorii Abela, accomplished author, multi-awarded persona and a global expert on the art of finding a soulmate. This is the event you do not want to miss because it will show you how to increase your personal power, utilize your existing skills and change your perspective to become the person you want to be and attract the best of relationships into your life.

This global teleconference is vital to your social life. It is not an expounding of theoretical garbage that goes into one ear and out the other; it will be a revelation and an enlightening experience that will change your life forever.

Here is just a small taste of the expertise that will be showcased during the teleconference to be held between November 18 and 22…

• Lorii Abela - As the hostess, Lorii will be interviewing more than a dozen expert speakers, business leaders, life coaches, relationship mentors, PhDs, best-selling authors, respected speakers and outstanding professionals who will be candid about their experiences and what they have to share with the world. Lorii herself is the co-author of best-selling books on Amazon and is dedicated to make this an experience of a lifetime for all participants.

• Peter Christopher - This unassuming young man is the powerhouse behind, a hugely popular website dedicated to helping Filipino women meet men from outside the country, and vice versa. He is a strong advocate of giving back to the global community, and he has been doing this since long before 2009, when the website was launched.

• Haley Hill - If you've read "It's Got to Be Perfect: the memoirs of a modern-day matchmaker" then you already know Haley Hill. This Amazon #1 best-selling author is the founder of the UK's largest matchmaking agency, which she recently sold. She is also writes professionally for several newspapers as well as The Huffington Post. If anyone knows about matchmaking, Haley Hill does!

• Hector R - Learn about 'The Keys to Mastering Sexual Tension' from the master himself. Hector is a filmmaker and an instrument of social change. He works with huge corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies with the same passion he uses with high-risk teenagers in lock-down facilities. As a specialist in sex education and empowerment for men, he is a strong advocate for self-motivation. "I do not teach my clients to be different. I discover their greatness, and teach them to step into their own brand of power and how to give their talents to the world through greater leadership."

The Love, Dating and Relationships Global Teleconference promises to be an exciting and valuable 4-day event that will have you on the edge of your seats wanting more and more. People from all over the world will be listening and taking notes from these seasoned experts who love to share their experiences and knowledge in the hope that listeners will take charge of their own lives and make their mark on this world. The first step is to make a mark on the registration logs and get yourself a front-row seat to this phenomenal event that has never been done before on such a large scale.

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